Mt. Pinatubo trek

A story in pictures.

Of friendship. Of a 4x4 wheeling adventure. Of nature. Of nature rewritten by a volcano explosion two decades ago. Of a thousand random crags and stones. Of cemented lava. Of a serene lake engulfed inside a volcano. Of the scent of nature. Of the narrow trails and the midget creeks that crosses it. Of a thousand pictures of natural beauty. 

This is my penchant and delight for the beauty around me. Colors and hues, scents and aromas, beauty and splendor, love and expressions of love-- written in the minute details of everything God-made amidst the grandiosity of life.

There are so much mystery in life that we are embraced with. Like the disastrous volcano explosion that claimed and shattered lives last 1991. As I looked around the remnants of the past, I see springs of life in the form of the weeds, the creek and the stones that all in itself spells wonders. Just as it is the same in the very privacy of our own lives. We experience parallel mysteries, we often cannot understand but later on springs the same wonders of hope, faith and love.

Friendship is a bonus of life. Jesus is my ultimate best friend. He is a perfect Being. My all-in-all.

And all the other friendships are what gives spice to life. Like a slice of leche flan on top of your halo-halo, like bagoong on your mangga, like cream on your coffee, like honey on top of your pancakes. They make life taste better.  
This trek made me realize the abundance of friendship in my life. Goes to say, my life is spicy or spice-ful. Thank God!

God is almighty. God is perfect in wisdom. God is holy.  God is sovereign. God is beautiful.
This is what my eyes saw in the volcano crater. Often when I go and see the world apart from my own little world, I get changed. I get healed. 
I see here a picture of hope. Of prayer. Of life and simplicity of life. Of the universal blessings of joy, peace and love that penetrates to the ends of the Earth. Of God's omnipotence and omniscience. 

I will end with this quote by Albert Einstein. When you go out there and see what is up on the other corners of the world we live in, more or less, you go home with this thought. 


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Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration